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Car keys get bent out of shape all the time. They may even break, if used improperly or because of structural weakness. Sometimes the plastic fob on the key may fall off too. All this will require you to get new keys made. If your car was manufactured in the last two decades, you will need a new transponder key made. These types of keys have to be specially programmed if they are to work with your car. Hollywood Expert Locksmith is a well-known automotive locksmith that provides key cutting as well as transponder key programming services for car owners in Hollywood, FL area. If you lost your old car keys or the fob has fallen off on them, then you can come to us for affordable solutions.

Why do transponder keys need programming?

Hollywood Expert Locksmith Hollywood, FL 954-283-1779Why is transponder key programming a requirement for smart keys? All smart keys have chips that are embedded in the plastic fob. This chip contains a code that is read by the car’s engine control unit (ECU) when you insert the key into the ignition. If the code is right, then the car’s immobilizer is deactivated and your vehicle will start. If it’s wrong, then the vehicle won’t start. Programming is required if you want the chip to contain the right code. It’s implemented as a security measure to prevent thieves with key blanks from unlocking and stealing your vehicle.

What to do if your old keys don’t work?

If your old ey isn’t working anymore or if you suspect the plastic fob/chip has been damaged in some way, then you can come to us for a replacement. We can craft you a new key faster and cheaper than your car dealer can. We have the equipment needed for transponder key programming , equipment which is expensive and usually not available with anyone but car dealers and manufacturers. We can make you new transponder key or reprogram your old ones. We can also replace fallen off fobs and car remotes. We can get a new remote made to work with your vehicle too.

24-hour assistance

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need new keys on an emergency basis, don’t think twice about contacting us. Our locksmiths will get to where you are at in 30 minutes or less, in most cases.

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