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Safeguarding a premise is as important as anything else that goes into making a home. A visually appealing locking system can also fall prey to a possible breach in one's humble abode. Exposing your home to a bad locking system may call upon unwanted burglary and nuisance. Hence, putting your home at risk is something that can't simply happen. Looking for a locksmith in North Hollywood, CA? Don't wait up anymore. Hollywood Expert Locksmith is the most renowned name you can come across when searching for a locksmith in Hollywood. We don't just fix things but we also provide you with assistance that makes you feel safer than your usual home calls to any company. Our team of locksmith in West Hollywood are known for their consistent and efficient work ethic. Be it residential or a workplace that needs assistance or if you need a car locksmith in Hollywood FL, we work 24x7 to ensure that none of our customers ever find themselves in a sticky situation.

No other locksmith in Hollywood, Florida will take up calls even on a holiday. So when you suddenly end up locking your car keys inside dial 954-283-1779 and our responsive team would be on their way to get you out of the mess in no time.

Who we are?

Your ‘locksmith in West Hollywood’ worries and searches should end with Hollywood Expert Locksmith. Reliable, reasonable and efficient, our services have been slated as the very best by a customer base that we have built through years of trust. A locksmith in Hollywood is not hard to come by but a service that treats the customer without exploiting their vulnerable situation is. When it comes to lock and keys - urgent and efficient work are two things that anyone wants. Security is a prime concern and when services end up doing more damage than good, a customer is bound to get frustrated.

At Hollywood Expert Locksmith we provide skilled workers who know how to tackle any kind of locking issue with ease. They know how customers' sanity and mental satisfaction is more important than just getting the work done. With state of the art tools that comply with the latest norms in the market, we provide all kinds of services like key duplication, security system installation, rekeying, etc. We are not just the cheapest locksmith service in North Hollywood, California but the most recommended. We treat our clients like family and provide everyone with high-quality services that make a lasting impression.


Qualified and Experienced

At Hollywood Expert Locksmith we believe in quality services. This is why we go to the best schools to handpick and recruit the most efficient team of professional locksmiths. They then go through extensive training that hones their skills according to the latest technological advancements - Making and testing their skills with the latest and most complex locking systems in the market. This gives us the upper hand in comparison to other similar locksmiths in North Hollywood, CA. Well-equipped, well-trained and understanding our teams of technicians are always on their toes to get you out of any problem in no time whatsoever.

Specialized Services

Security expertise is just one of the many specialized services that we provide. We have also groomed our taskforce in a way that makes me identify if a locking system is tampered with. Installing high-tech electronic locking systems, designing/changing safe combinations, master-keying your house are some of the other services that entail when you call Hollywood Expert Locksmith. We provide both residential and commercial services that are governed with a close lookout from law-enforcement agencies if or when needed.

Mobile locksmith solutions

Be it a commercial problem or a residential one, we always have a team of mobile locksmith vans stationed across North Hollywood, California to help you out. Each and every distress call that is made to our phone number 954-283-1779 is answered with the same sense of urgency. Unlike other locksmith services in Hollywood, Florida we don't take hours to get to the root of your problem. We also work 365 days and round-the-clock to make sure that none of our clients ever fall prey to any unwanted circumstances.


Lauded as one of the best locksmiths in Hollywood here are some of the services we provide: 

Automotive locksmith services:

Locking yourself out can be infuriating. Especially when you are in a deserted parking lot in the middle of the night. It can always lead you to freak out and disassembling the lock with amateurish tricks. This isn't something we at Hollywood Expert Locksmith recommend. Since we are professionals who are one call away from you, making that effort to place a call at 954-283-1779 is the only thing you need to be worried about. We are the best car locksmith in Hollywood, FL offering emergency assistance within 15-20 minutes. Our services entail rekeying car locks, programming transponder keys, etc.Hollywood Expert Locksmith Hollywood, FL 954-283-1779

Our services include:

  • Lockout services
  • Fixing/Extracting broken locks/car-keys
  • Programming transponder keys
  • Rekeying car locks
  • Car key cutting/replacement
  • Replacing key fobs
  • Rekeying the ignition
  • Car key duplication
  • Trunk lock and car doors fix

Residential Locksmith Services:

Looks aren't everything when it comes to the home locking systems. It is essential to know if your system is actually securing your humble abode. Unsure of the aforementioned? Don't fret! The best locksmiths in West Hollywood are here to help you out. We are the most affordable and reliable lock and key service in the city and our assessing, technically sound services are only a call away.

The residential locksmith services that we provide are:
Complete home lockout assistance

  • Key and lock replacements
  • Door lock installation
  • Installing smart locking system
  • Rekeying locks that don’t work properly
  • Fixing damaged locks
  • Extracting Broken Keys
  • Locksmith for Eviction
  • Repair/Replace Window locks
  • Installing Mailbox locks
  • Key Cutting/Repair
  • Installing Deadbolt
  • Consultation regarding home security

Commercial locksmith services:

Running a business can be a cumbersome task when your mind runs into multiple areas of concern. Security is one of those important concerns that can ruin your day if not dealt with. The kind of complex locking systems that modern offices and workplace need can make anyone's head spin but not getting them in the right shape and form can lead to burglary and harm to expensive property. With us, you need not worry about fraudsters who pose as the best locksmiths in Hollywood. Hollywood Expert Locksmith provides the best lock and key services for commercial buildings, office space or big or small businesses with trusted solutions that will make you say goodbye all your problems.

Some of the commercial services that we provide are:

  • Assistance with Building/Office lockout
  • Installing/Fixing Door Locks
  • Installing Mailbox Locks
  • Installing safes or different kinds/shapes
  • Calibrating File Cabinet locks
  • High-tech lock installation
  • Installing an automated locking system
  • Setting up digital locks
  • Programming/Reprogramming digital locks
  • Lock rekeying
  • Setting up security grilles

Emergency locksmith services:

Anyone can find themselves in a situation which they can't get out of. In case of a break-in or a lockout, instant attention is absolutely necessary. Most locksmiths in North Hollywood, CA promise to serve you 24/7 but you'll end up getting frustrated when your calls are left unanswered or the service takes at least a couple of hours to get you back on track. With Hollywood Expert Locksmith you get assured services within a span of 30 minutes or less.

The services we provide are:

  • All kinds of lockout assistance
  • Hotline support that works 24/7
  • Standard pricing without any unnecessary hike
  • Assistance in Unlocking all kinds of  locks
  • Emergency On-site key making

Assistance in break-in situations

Need a locksmith in Hollywood who doesn’t take your problems for granted? Pick up your phone and dial 954-283-1779 and avail the best lock and key services in Hollywood. 

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